Villa Calchi wedding photographer

Wedding Bliss at Villa Calchi: A Day to Remember

For those seeking a blend of traditional vibes with modern elegance, a recent wedding we had the pleasure of photographing at Villa Calchi checked all the boxes. From homey preparations to a beautiful church ceremony, capped off with a vibrant reception, here's a snapshot of the day.

Home Preparations: Comfort & Joy
The day began at the parents' homes of both the bride and groom. This familiar environment added a relaxed yet upbeat atmosphere to the preparations. It’s always fun capturing the simple moments: a tie being adjusted, a shoe being buckled, or a shared laugh over an old family joke.

Church Ceremony: Time-Honored Tradition
A short distance from the homes, the couple exchanged vows in a quaint church, embodying tradition and community spirit. With family and friends in attendance, the air buzzed with happiness and shared memories, making for delightful candid shots.

Villa Calchi Reception: Modern Celebration
Moving the festivities to Villa Calchi, the scene was set for a contemporary celebration. With its stunning architecture and open spaces, the villa provided ample opportunity for guests to mingle, dance, and celebrate.

In a nutshell, this wedding was a seamless blend of the old and the new, making it a day of joy and festivity. If you're planning a similar mix for your big day and want it captured just right, we're here to help!